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SAFEBUILD.COM is a database system of Minority Led Enterprises online, principally involved in construction and building maintenance related services and disciplines.

SAFEBUILD.COM's content is the intellectual property of Safebuild.com Ltd, a Nationwide UK Company wholly owned by the not-for-profit Federation: LEOF (To find more about LEOF, GO TO - http://www.leof.org)

SAFEBUILD.COM's registered businesses are constantly vetted so that they meet commissioning and tender management criteria sought by REGISTERED SOCIAL LANDLORDS, (RSL's) and Local Authorities

This is easily achieved as the Committee of Management which oversees the activities of LEOF through its Director, are key management staff elected from organisations affiliated to LEOF, i.e. RSL's and Local Authorities.

LEOF Reception (L-R), Baljeet S. Ghataora, LEOF Executive Director; Rob Leitch, Rok Group; Richard Barnes, Deputy Mayor of London; Ruth Brothwell, Olympic Delivery Authority; Philip Addo, Genesis Housing Group and LEOF Chair; Trevor Burns, East Thames Group.

Use of SAFEBUILD.COM is a means of adhering to principles of Egan Compliance while at the same time recognising and valuing diversity in local urban communities.

SAFEBUILD.COM' has three development and delivery partners, ROK Group, Diamond Build PLC, and East Thames Housing Group (ETHG). (To find more about Diamond Build PLC GO TO - http://www.diamond-build.co.uk,for East Thames Housing Group, GO TO - http://www.east-thames.co.uk, and for ROK Group, GO TO - http://www.rokgroup.com/)

The Department of Transport, Local Government and The Regions, The Department of Trade and Industry, The Cabinet Office, The Association of London Government, and The Housing Corporation support SAFEBUILD.COM


Stamford Bridge is venue not to miss as 600 to 800 organisations will be attending and there is also going to be some of the major partners in the industry under one roof. LEOF / safe build have been invited by Constructionline so hurry and register now.
Contact Baljeet at LEOF Office if you unsure

APRIL 2010
Network with 4 leading parties members in Streatham at Chilli Chutney on 12 April 2010

Re-running the workshop to accommodate for clients and members who can take advantage of networking and sharing views with stakeholders
Fire Safety in High Rise buildings
Workshop hosted by MLM Building Control
This is the second workshop set up to discuss the aspects of fire safety in high rise buildings. This is following a recent fire which has hit the headlines and been headline news for many authorities. This workshop is designed to highlight the history of fire safety and how we manage buildings. The workshop is excellent forum to discuss your current practices and issues that may arise. There will be a Certificate of Professional Development issued to all attendees.

31 MARCH 2010 - LEOF and safebuild AGM
Celebrating 20th AGM as we go into 21st year in the business of promoting and supporting small businesses.

December 2009
Small businesses across the UK are accessing and winning supply chain opportunities as the Olympic Park begins to take shape. Already many of the opportunities to participate are being advertised. But how does it work and how can you get involved? If you are a woman, black and ethnic minority or disabled business owner and want to avoid missing out you need to be signed up on CompeteFor. CompeteFor is the chosen website for the publication of Games-related contract opportunities.
It's certainly not just about building world class stadia but about the many thousands of opportunities for every industry sector. From supplying ice cream to supplying print solutions, from language services to sausages! You would be surprised what this project needs.

You may never have considered that the London 2012 Games could open up opportunities to your business, but 76% of the contract opportunities won through CompeteFor, have been won by small business.
Come and hear from people at the heart of the activity and learn how to ensure you are participating by being the best you can be.
Speakers include those from the Olympic Delivery Authority, London Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympics Games, CompeteFor and some people who have already met with success!! They will show you:
What opportunities there are on offer
Where to find out about them
How to access CompeteFor and make the best of your supplier profile
How to put your business in the shop window
How sponsorship will provide opportunities for the Games
How to position your business to win
What ongoing support is available

3 December 2009
Fire Safety in High Rise buildings
Workshop hosted by MLM Building Control
This is the second workshop set up to discuss the aspects of fire safety in high rise buildings. This is following a recent fire which has hit the headlines and been headline news for many authorities. This workshop is designed to highlight the history of fire safety and how we manage buildings. The workshop is excellent forum to discuss your current practices and issues that may arise. There will be a Certificate of Professional Development issued to all attendees.

November 2009
CompeteFor update the support Organisations
On 30 November 100 plus organisations were invited to City Hall to an exclusive update session. LEOF/safebuild represented all their clients and stakeholder and Baljeet attended the event. The event was well attended and speakers included Ian Barlow - Chairman London Business Network, Richard Barnes (Deputy Mayor of London), Neil Walker (Community Development Manager - LOCOG), Mike Mulvey - CEO CompeteFor and Jason Choy - Welcome Gate
Each speaker gave account of developments and links with CompeteFor. There was lots of information of SME engagement and also support available. Richard spoke on the behalf of GLA and Boris Johnson - Mayor of London to reinforce the support for CompeteFor and SMEs with the procurement processes. Nigel and Mike gave lots of facts and figures regarding input and types of opportunities coming up. Neil spoke about the 700 million pounds of contracts still waiting to be issued, so it is important to register and keep watching emails From Baljeet as opportunities as regularly being posted in various sectors.

Jason spoke about Welcome Gate as it is now working on the third major event and they provide security products for corporate clients. Jason mentioned it took them 10 attempts before they secure the first large contract, it is important to keep trying and positive. Networking was major contributor to their success. You can contact Jason directly just email Baljeet at LEOF/safebuild and he will forward the link.

The delegates included various stakeholders from Construction, Media, Business Links, Local Authorities, etc.

LEOF / safebuild clients met at the Lativian Embassy on 23 November. The evening was very productive as guests included businesses both in England and Latvia.

There is open dialog between Latvian Trade Organisations and LEOF/Safebuild as we are jointly working to support small businesses. Build on the trade links between the two countries.

4 November 2009
ExCel London hosted a special summit promising UK Business intelligence on commercial opportunities arising from major sporting events hosted in UK. The hosts are Department for Business, Innovation and Skills(BIS) and UK Trade & Investment(UKTI) in conjunction with London 2012 partners
Keynote speakers include
Rt. Hon Lord Mandelson (Secretary for state for Business, Innovation and skills
Rt. Hon Tessa Jowell Minister fro the Olympics
Boris Johnson Mayor of London
Lord Coe Chair, London Organising Committee of the Olympic (LOCOG)and Paralympics Games
John Armitt CBE Chairman Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA)for further information contact www.2012gamesbusinesssummit.co.uk

October 2009
30 October 2009
LEOF/safebuild invited to attend the 3rd Asian Business HAFTA Awards in Birmingham. The event was well attended 300 plus delegates from various parts on the community and industry. Royal Air force was also present and received an award. Various small businesses were awarded prises. The event was sponsored by Birmingham City Council, Britasia TV, Emgonline.co.uk, etc. Money was collected for women’s hospital in Birmingham. This event seems to get bigger each year.

29 October 2009
Second LEOF/Safebuild management Committee away day
28 October 2009
Engaging with London 2012
This was a 6 monthly visit to the Olympic Village and lots of development has taken place. A lot of the buildings and structures are in the construction stages. This time the visit was focused on the Aquatic Centre. The roof structure is well under way and the some of the pools are also being constructed at the same time.
There was a stakeholder consultation session following the visit. The stakeholders reported progress so far and also shared the vision form the lessons learned so far. Most of the questions were on transport as the director for Transport was present (Mr Hugh Summers). It was very interactive evening as some people were concerned about the transport in and out of the venues whist others asked about the businesses and normal life. This is a restricted event as only stakeholders from the 4 boroughs can attend. If you have any questions please forward them to Baljeet at LEOF/Safebuild.
22 October 2009
Networking event at the Latvian Embassy
This was first event of its type and well attended. 6 Latvian businesses attended and gave presentations on their products. Wood and construction industry. LEOF/Safebuild also invited various stakeholders from SME's, Designers, Building Control to consultants. There was very good networking and both parties shared the ideas and experiences. Business details were exchanged and this is first of many such trade events. We had good feedback from both sides and next time we hope to involve more deverse stakeholder group.

21 October 2009
Baljeet (Executive Director for LOFO / safebuild) attended a breakfast meeting at the Emrites Stadium in north London. The focus of this meeting was presentation from United House (hosts) on Sustainability and main within decent homes programmes. The morning end with a visit to a Victorian house recently refurbed to very high standards. The aim was to show what can be achieved if we consider all the factors. One of the key improvements was use of new type of double glazed unit used in shash type of windows. It is the only type of unit in the country as it comprises of 2 - 3mm panes of glass sealed in unit only 6.3mm thick. This special unit was imported from Japan. The one bedroom ground floor property also had heat recovery system and insulation on walls, ceiling and floors. It is a very impressive project and worth visiting just for references as each sections shows readings of before and after the works. This could teach a few lessons to further projects on ratio of cost per kg against saving.

21 October 2009
The launch of the Supply Cross River programme. Delegates were invited to the Milbank House, event hosted by Business to Business working with the four boroughs on London.

20 October 2009
BT Experience
BT Networking event at the BT tower in central London, we attended and managed event. The event included lunch on the 34th Floor in the revolving section of the building. The view of London was breath taking and the whole event included the new elements of services provided by BT. These included a whole section on Web design and hosting and a lot on the IT support to support businesses in and around the globe. Bt has changed it operations and now supports small businesses as well as the large organisations.

15 October 2009
Meeting the buyer Event hosted by Business to Business. Another well attended event allowing SME's an opportunity to meet the buyers from large stakeholders including Guys and St Thomas Hospital as well as the large constructors and social Housing providers

14 October 2009
Waste Management Conference the theme was how we manage our waste and effects to the environments. The organisers are setting up a networking group to working of sustainability issues, If you are interested.

14 October 2009
LEOF meets Wates Construction
This is the second meeting on the lines of joint working theme. The meeting went well and development will be reported later.

8 October 2009
First LEOF/Safebuild Management Committee away day

7 October 2009
Total Workplace Conference
Large event hosted at Olympia to promote sustainability and related enviromental issues. The conference was well attended and LEOF/Safebuild was represented by Baljeet Singh Ghataora (Executive Director)

September 2009
Busy month with conferences and networking
Supply Cross River - Workshops on Capacity Building for SME's. This event was sponsonsored by the 4 boroughs to engage and support the businesses to engage with contracts. Presentations included

July 2009
New Partnership Possibility
New Technical Training/Awareness provider will be joining LEOF/Safebuild in the very near future. Main aim is to support and enhance the knowledge regarding Building Control and Construction Industry for our stakeholders.

Contracts access is made easier.
LEOF/Safebuild are emailed all new contracts directly each week. If you wish to join the mailing list - please contact Baljeet by email on bghataora@safebuild.co.uk)

MIDLANDS - Contractors Seminar/Conference Plans move ahead.
Safebuild and LABA are planning a seminar in the next few weeks. If you wish to take part or attend, just contact Baljeet by email.

REBRANDING and Moving on Environmental sustainability.
Diamond Build plc launched their new branding on 2 July 2009 with hugh success and a very impressive launch event. Their new LOGO is based on the pillars of construction and very effective in the message that Diamond Build stands for high standards and quality management systems. The company have invested a lot of time and efforts to ensure the new corporate image is both practical and also easy to use within all the stationary. There was also a lot of commitment from John Gray (Chair and founder) who founded Diamond Build plc 32 years ago. The company already have sustainability as driver in the business plan but the future is looking even more GREEN. The organisation has recycling and reducing the carbon footprint in their everyday activities.

June 2009
Engage with London 2012 Event
LEOF Safebuild clients and members met David Higgins, CEO of Olympic Delivery Agency (ODA), Mick Sherlock from Bovis Lend Lease and Mike Mulvey (CEO) for CompeteFor. Two support agencies also gave short presentations and networked with delegates (Supply London and East London Business Place). These agencies provide training support for SME's and can also assist with contract procurement processes. The event was chaired by Ruth Brothwell from London 2012.

LEOF awarded membership of Leicester Asian Business Association (LABA).

Baljeet attended the presentation which had Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP (Leicester West). At the venue were also councillors and the ex. Mayor of Leicester. This networking event had key business leaders from various Asian communities in the region. Money was raised for Charity and the event was sponsored by East Midlands Airport.

Presentation at Mid-Contract Meeting
Baljeet Singh Ghataora attended meeting in Preston (Places for People function). Baljeet's presentation was based on how large contractors can engage with SME's and also information about BME's in construction. This meeting is part of a major procurement process PfP are carrying out of a 95 million pound programme starting 2010 to 2014.

March 2009
19th LEOF/Safebuild AGM and Conference.
This event marked the change in LEOF/Safebuild as the reception had 5 Key stakeholder speakers
Richard Barnes (Deputy Mayor of London) – GLA was the keynote speaker and also presented awards to sponsors from various organisations linked to the Federation. Richard's Speech was based on what the Greater London Authority (GLA) 57 Point action plan from the Mayor’s office

x Baljeet Singh Ghataora, CIOH, AIPC, AIIM
Executive Director
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